About The Authors

Jim Stearns

Grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. He spent many years as the owner operator of the Avery Ranch near Columbia, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He was the head of back stage hospitality for the Grateful dead and Bill Graham presents for 8 years. Currently he lives with his family in Homer Alaska.

Other books by Jim Stearns:

Women and Gold

The story of three best friends as they grow from boys to men during the Social upheaval of the 60’s and 70’s experiencing radical politics, college, war, spirituality, sex, AIDS, money, drugs and rock and roll.


Doug Vanderberg

has a long culinary history beginning over 30 years ag He moved to the Avery Ranch in 1976 and landed a cooking job on an excursion train. To create some income, Jim and Doug started hosting dinner parties at the ranch with entertainment about once a month. Here, Douhg learned how to cool for large groups under difficult circumstances. Many parties later, coupled with numerous restaurant jobs, the way was paved for the large scale catering necessary for backstage catering. He has been a restaurant owner, a musician and an author. He is married n a lives  in Sonora California

Other books by Doug Vanderberg

Party Lights – Healthy Party Foods and Earthwise Entertaining

Express cuisine: Real food real fast : easy to prepare traditional, contemporary and ethnic foods, ready in 30 minutes

The trails cook book


Cover illustration for Feeding the Dead by Don Callarman

Photos of the Dead taken at the ranch by Mitchell Lane

All other photos are from the authors collection