Can anyone really bring the Dead back to life? Jim Stearns can in his new book, Feeding The Dead.

Enjoy an in depth interview with Jim Stearns here [powerpress]This behind the scenes, cook-and-tell memoir, based on Jim’s many years as head of back stage hospitality for the Dead and their wild retinue, is filled with unforgettable characters, moving moments, and dramatic scenes that range from crazy to heart-wrenching.

Jim Stearns has a passion that is palpable as he describes a personal story that the entire Baby Boom generation would appreciate. It is about the 60’s counter-culture movement as seen through the eyes of someone who embodied and truly lived it.

Stearns delves into intimate details of hosting the most prolific rock band in history at his rustic back to land ranch and chronicles Jerry Garcia’s near death experience that he never knew he had.